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This is the main page for the campaign. Here you can find links to important pages on the wiki, as well as some basic information about the game.

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The Game

The game uses the Dungeon World ruleset, written by Adam Koebel and Sage LaTorra, based on Apocalypse World by D. Vincent Baker. Dungeon World is a fantasy setting and uses the typical fantasy tropes to an extent. There are elves and orcs, magic and mythology,  gods and demons. Dungeon World also allows for an unprecedented level of customization within the system, meaning nothing is sacred. An orc isn't an evil being just because Tolkien and Gygax say so.


Each character will have their own page accessible to the player of that character and the GM. Anyone can read the pages (except for the GM-Only sections) but only the player of each character and the GM can make edits. The Character page is mostly for the benefit of the fiction, as it will serve as a home for that character's bonds, feelings, faction relations, background, and place in the adventure.


A great adventure is meandering and visits many interesting locales and samples many different cultures. This section is for the amazing and mundane places the party will visit on its journey, what happened there, and what forces are working within each location.


A big, dense world is nothing without some history to fill the pages. Ancient cultures, old temples, and even the landscape itself can tell a story. What happened in Afeon before we began our adventure? Will it tell us what will happen in the future?


Afeon is home to a wide variety of creatures, from the civilized races to the horrific monsters. These creatures will be both ally and enemy to the party as they explore all that Afeon has to offer.


The world is not static and the clock will keep ticking even as the adventurers move forward in their quest. Factions will make moves of their own and ignoring the signs of these moves may trigger dire consequences for other characters, factions, or locations. Every enemy has a motive, and every friend has a goal. Factions will always strive to complete their goals, whether the characters are aligned with those goals or not.

Items and Artifacts

What is a world of dungeons without a vastness of riches? This section houses the many items and artifacts the party will find on their adventure, from magical swords to ancient grimoires, every item has a story to tell.


Afeon is a wild land of magic, gods, and monsters. It is only natural to attempt to document the many strange and fantastic interactions that go on in the world.

Lore Ideas and Inspirations

The Dungeon World system is very extensible and great for adding new stuff easily. This page is for talking about and listing off lore ideas for the game before they become relevant to the main story. Just because something is in here doesn't mean it will be used, but it will be a font of information and ideas to draw from as the campaign goes on.

Main Page

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