Gey is a very small elf village, tucked away in the valley at the end of Lake Nihill in the north end of the [[Scarlet Mountains]]. Across the water, Vrona is barely visible from the docks at Gey.



Gey is in the forest near the eastern edge of Lake Nihill, nestled in the Scarlet Mountains. The village is fairly compact, with the houses huddled together around a market square in the clearing. The buildings are constructed from the rocks that can be found on the shores of lake Nihill. The roofs are made from local wood and thatching gathered from the forest. The village is removed from the shore of Nihill, but a path from the market winds down to a jetty where villagers moor their boats. The surrounding forest is filled with animal life and a wide variety of wild herbs and produce.


The people of Gey hunt, fish, and forage in the forest to sustain themselves. Any excess they have is shipped to Vrona to be sold at the market there. As there are few services available in Gey, citizens must travel to the nearby city to seek specialists, like doctors, blacksmiths, and alchemists. 


Technically its own city state, Gey is a part of a coalition of villages whose governing body resides in Vrona  as the Council of Vrona. Gey does not typically have any contact with any of the other civilized races of Afeon.

The village elder handles all complaints and petitions from the citizens of Gey. The elder handles any arguments or allegations of minor crime within the village, but it is up to each villager individually to ensure that everyone can live harmoniously in the community. The village elder goes to Vrona once every season to participate in the Council of Vrona where more important government matters are decided. While the elder is gone, he appoints a temporary alderman to take on his responsibilities while he is away.

Family and Community

Families in Gey typically stick close together, often with multiple generations living under the same roof together. When elves get married in Gey, Whichever house has the room for their offspring's spouse takes in the newlywed couple. If both houses have the room for the new couple, typically the male's house takes them in. If neither house has room for the couple, they are tasked with building their own home together or moving away from Gey.

The villagers of Gey all work together toward the same goal as set by the village elder. They do not buy or sell goods to one another, so currency isn't very common in Gey outside of trading with Vrona. Instead, the citizens trade and barter items to each other, allowing everyone to have access to the goods they need to survive.


The elves of Gey do not worship any specific dieties like the dwarves or humans do. They believe in a paradise called the Fey. The bardic elves of Gey believe they have an immortal soul. When their body dies, the soul can either be reincarnated into a new body or can decide to live out the rest of their existence in the Fey. When a bardic elf dies, they appear before The Mother, the gatekeeper to the Fey. If the elf in question has gone against the natural law, the elf is sent to [[Deaths domain] | Deaths domain]]. Since the bardic elves hold nature's law so highly, any form of undeath is considered to be a horrible affront to nature and should be eliminated immediately.

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