Adventurers Guild

The township of Larkinge hereby approves the establishment of the Guild of Adventurers, Explorers, Cartographers, and Allied Trades, which shall, in accordance to its Guild Charter provide those known as Adventurers, Explorers, and Cartographers with the supplies and equipment necessary in order for them to carry out their duty and tame the wild lands of Afeon. 

The Guild of Adventurers, Explorers, Cartographers, and Allied Trades shall work with the township and other Guilds in order to protect the town and other civilized areas in Afeon. The Guild is approved for the purchase, sale and resale of weapons, armor, rations, and information, as well as raw materials and treasures from beyond the township.

The Adventurers Guild is a collection of adventurers, merchants, innkeepers, and other service people that have banded together to provide mercenaries with legal means to do their jobs and tame the wild lands beyond the walls of the cities. Originally called the Guild of Adventurers, Explorers, Cartographers, and Allied Trades, the Guild has been referred to as simply The Adventurers Guild or The Guild for quite a long time.



The Guild of Adventurers, Explorers, Cartographers, and Allied Trades was originally founded a couple centuries after the Great Calamity. As people began to come out of their shelters and lay eyes on the new world Afeon had been turned into, they realized that having people around to keep villages and towns safe was paramount. The first Adventurers Guild was created to gve these protectors a place to stay while in town, an easy way to manage their equipment and get it repaired, and a place for adventurers to swap stories, maps, and advice.

Since that time, the Adventurers Guild, as it is called now, has flourished and most large cities have branches. The Guild provides services to adventurers of all experience levels in order to help civilization flourish across Afeon and make the roads safer for merchants and travelers.


The Adventurers' Guild (formerly known as the Guild of Adventurers, Explorers, Cartographers, and Allied Trades) hereby recognizes the bearer of this card and associated badge as a fully licensed Adventurer who is entitled to all services provided by the Guild as befits their station and rank.

In the first iteration of the Guild, adventurers were unranked and unlicensed. Anyone could go into the Guild house and ask for help. As the branches grew, however, it became necessary to grade adventurers to keep both them and their clients safe, as well as ensure that when an Adventurer took a job, they would be able to complete it. Thus the practice of licensing adventurers was born.

To obtain a license, a would-be adventurer must, with their own equipment and no aid from the guild, complete a simple task. This may be anything from clearing out a small monster nest to escorting an examiner from one town to another. The larger guilds tend to get a lot of requests for small jobs that are beneath most adventurers. These are often given to parties of new adventurers as examinations. In lieu of pay for the job, the Guild provides them with their license.

Once an adventurer is granted their license, they are allowed to take jobs from the Quest Board at their leisure as long as the estimated difficulty of the job does not exceed their rank in the guild. Adventurers just starting out often forgo the quest board entirely in favor of setting out to do a Feat in order to increase their rank.


Quests are, generally speaking, tasks that an entity or citizen is willing to pay an adventurer to do. The guild accepts the job, assigns it a difficulty level, then posts it to the job board after collecting an appropriate fee from the citizen or entity requesting the job be done. When an adventurer completes a job, he receives a portion of the fee for his services. These fees, as well as the valuable information Adventurers bring back help the Guild stay in business.


Feats are tasks that are not explicitly stated, but proof of their completion can increase an adventurer's standing in the guild. These include providing monster trophies to the guild or relaying important information, such as maps or messages from other guilds.


The adventurers Guild provides a number of services to its adventurers. The guild provides bulk work to local blacksmiths, alchemists, and magicians in exchange for a lower rate on these services. This allows the Guild to offer its adventurers a better rate on most of these services than if the adventurer went to a local smith or artisan in person, but also allows the guild to make some money off of their adventurers. The services available at most Guild branches include:

  • Repair of arms and armor
  • Brokerage of the sale of valuable artifacts, gold, jewels, etc.
  • Sending of messages between guild branches (most of the time carried by other traveling adventurers)
  • Room and board
  • the sale of basic adventuring supplies and gear including rations, potions, backpacks, shovels, picks, simple weapons and armor, cartography supplies, lockpicks, files, lanterns, rope, and the like.

Adventurers Guild

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