The Call of Afeon

Are You Really Adventurers?
The first Quest! Get a License!

After meeting each other for the first time, Nimoway Quina and Yenis Manythumbs decide to work together and take some jobs in the nearby city of Fools' Hope. Unfortunately, as new adventurers,  they are unlicensed and must complete a task for the Guild before they can take on real jobs.

As the pair approached the Adventurers' Guild in Fools' Hope, the pair ran into a rogue named Dirk McGinty, who had been tossed out of the guild for being too drunk and making a scene. Yenis, seeing an opportunity to make a little money, attempted to steal Dirk's purse, but was confronted by the drunk instead. The pair handed him off to the local city watch and entered the guild to inquire about an Adventurer's License.

Their initial task is to deal with some pests a local farmer has been reporting. The guild thinks it's likely to be some wolves or other wildlife, but the farmer insists that it's goblins. Upon reaching the farmer's home, he showed Yenis and Nimoway barefoot tracks leading towards and away from his fields, as well as a broken fence. Upon following the tracks, the dwarf and elf found a seaside cave cut into the cliffs on the coast. In the cave, the pair found and murdered a total of 5 goblins. Two more surrendered to the pair, who told them to go talk to "Big Green" upstairs. The new adventurers ascended the stairs to find an orc whittling away at a little statuette. The orc posed little threat to the pair who killed him.

From this adventure, the two retrieved a religious icon depicting a fist punching skyward and holding a curved blade. The icon is made of solid gold and is quite valuable. They also retrieved a book, one with an eight-pointed symbol that looks like a compass with the sun at its center on the cover. The symbol the Fist of Askel, who originally served the church of Solius. In addition, the pair retrieved a small ironbound chest with a sturdy lock on it.


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